Friday, March 14, 2008

spring break update

Alright finally updating again! went on a trip hiking for spring break that was suppose to last for a solid five sun-drenched, free-spirited, careless days. unfortunately we only lasted all of one day and i spent most of my spring break at home. sitting. I'm feeling a bit rejuvenated though and I think i'm ready to make this final 7 week push till the end of the semester where ill more then likely begin looking for another full time job until my senior year begins in august... Heres a couple sketchs inspired by my trip and the back packer is actually my friend Wesley Eggebrecht (Awesome art! check it out in my links) and another update on my moby dick book cover which i am still unsure about. until next time, g'day mate.

1 comment:

Wesley Eggebrecht said...

haha I love it! I actually did a hiker dude too. Is that you in a bear costume, that is good stuff. See yea on Monday or maybe tomorrow.