Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I recently started a new project that took a good chunk of time to see to completion. It was ambitious and extremely fun. I wanted to make a piece of art that could be hung on a wall yet still have a sense of reality while being completely unrealistic. Something that would jump out and grab your attention. This is what I came up with.


 (Scroll to bottom to see from beginning)

Panorama of the Living Room. Hung it on our empty half wall by two 3' nails (Hopefully it doesn't fall!)

Finished and ready for hanging.

Slicing and dicing the fabric to fit the different sides of the wood. Simply used a hot glue gun to adhere it to the wood.

Sculpting the nose. I picked up square foam that was relatively hard. Using clay tools I shaped the front and top of the nose and wrapped it in leather. This was the lengthiest step as wrapping the leather involved heating it up and stretching it to make it fit around the holes.

The "Bones" of the project. Glued the eyes and teeth to the piece and set it aside to begin work on the nose.

 Painted the eyes and teeth with acrylic and hit them with a number of gloss clear coats.

The teeth were created from Super Sculpey (Firm). I had to dip this in water once it was done because the Sculpey stuck to the cardboard. I used a drawing on the cardboard to have the teeth be symmetrical which is the reason for sticking with cardboard vs. Aluminum foil.

Structure. Wrapped the inside of the mouth with Leather. Stapled it around the edges.

Picked up sheets of wood and began measuring out all the sides. Used the wood knobs for the eyes by cutting them in the middle.

 Quick drawing used to get dimensions down before starting the cutting of wood.

Where it all began. 

I've already stocked up on supplies and will begin working on new pieces once I get my process down. I'm going to do some experminting with things (Resin eyes/more sculpting/smaller pieces) in the meantime.

Thanks for looking!