Friday, May 23, 2008

summer five

UPDATED July 11th
So i have decided to just keep updating the same post. why? why not.
CHECK THIS OUT! My sister managed to make a blogspot for her interiot design work so do me a favor and check it out!!!

Heres a new sketch i started, not sure where i was goin with it and not sure if ill work it out more. falling behind in the updates cuse i got a job backstocking at target, rad.

An old one i felt like taking much further.

trying my hand at another eviroment... yeah.

Not sure where im going with this one, it'll prolllly change a lot from this but i'm tired so the changes will be over the next day or two.

speed paint from reference-around 40 minutes

(altered from ref.)

Updated 5-28

A couple new things, i have no job therefore all i do is sit around and sketch or paint. Unfortunately i need money as well so this will die out soon enough.

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Matt Betteker said...

haha nice giant post! I love the fish/crab up top. The colors and texture are great. That would be a goldmine for fishermen, fish and crab legs in one catch...!