Sunday, February 24, 2008


ok heres two studies one of which is a colour study (top) and the other was a speed paint and technique study (middle) and a piece I am working on for my character development class which is suppose to involve three characters and it has to have something to do with historical character/events. If I would stop forgetting my connection for my camera back home I would be able to update with some of my oils but until then this will do.


Wesley Eggebrecht said...

I really like that middle one, the colors are nice. Is that me, looks like me! hahaha

ChrisHoobler said...

im really liking the first two. very different styles between the two, both are really neat-0 super cool!

Gitter said...

matt I'm liken the digital work your doing, you seem to have a good sense of color, and you incorporate nice textures inot your work, I especially like the middle piece here, by the way do you care if i link you on my blog?